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I'm Bethan, Lead VA
and Co-Founder of TVAC


Empowering businesses to grow, thrive and succeed
through the power of outsourcing.

Bethan Trueman

In our 9 years of business, we've won multiple awards for helping hundreds of businesses to grow, thrive, and succeed through the power of outsourcing.

Our clients go from spinning too many plates, and wearing too many hats, to finally having the time and headspace to focus on what they do best.

We believe in doing the right thing, at the right price, with the right attitude.
I help businesses with
You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Outsourcing gives business owners the freedom they need to focus on what they do best, while they delegate to a remote professional to handle the rest.

From logo design and branding, to video editing and email marketing, I support businesses with the design and marketing necessities to help them show up and stand out online.

Think of the TVAC team and I as your digital partner. Not only do we design and build wonderful websites to help your business shine, we also provide domain names and hosting, and website support including maintenance and updates, so you can keep all your web services in one trusted and convenient place.

Social media management is one of my areas of expertise, and I actively support several social media agencies with creating content, writing captions, scheduling, strategy, hashtags, video editing, and much more.

As a veteran VA with a small team of VA’s and remote specialists, I can help you and your business with an array of support. Whether you are looking for a general VA or someone with specialist experience, such as property or finance, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to help.

Official Bio

Bethan’s career as a VA began in 2015 after leaving her corporate real estate assistant role. Within a few years, she has grown her business to include managing and overseeing a small team of Virtual Assistants. Her work ethic, high standards, and can-do attitude, together with her outsourcing experience, contributes to her company’s success.

With a passion for property and an entrepreneurial drive, she began her property investment journey in 2020, purchasing three investment properties in six months. As a property investor, she has experienced first-hand how empowering outsourcing can be, and as a trusted VA, she combines her industry knowledge and landlord experience to support estate agents and property entrepreneurs.

Throughout her career, Bethan has supported companies, freelancers and busy entrepreneurs across a range of industries in starting and growing their businesses.

The Property Virtual Assistant

Now, I combine my industry knowledge and landlord experience to support estate and letting agents and property business owners.

Remote Business Support

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Behind every great business...

…is a great assistant. And a great Virtual Assistant has high standards, a can-do attitude and a strong work ethic.

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant gives busy business owners the time and peace of mind they need in order to focus on what they do best.

Hire an assistant as and when you need one without the commitment of employing someone in-house.

Let’s free up your time and get your business moving forward. Discover more about outsroucing by visiting TEG Virtual.

Discover more about my businesses

After spending most of my twenties trying to find my calling, I figured that I wasn’t destined to fit into a conventional career box and I quit my job to do meaningful work as a business owner.

I longed for something more rewarding, flexible and fulfilling, so I started my outsourcing business, The Virtual Assistant Company.

This gave me a better work-life balance and enabled me to launch Trueman Real Estate, the start of my property investment journey.

Now, I enjoy helping others to work smarter, not harder, so they too can achieve a better work-life balance.