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This website was created to inform and inspire others in their business ventures. It is not only a place to share design, marketing and outsourcing insights with you, but it is also a supportive space for young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Not your average VA. I know that there are a lot of companies doing what we do. We all share the same what and how, but what makes us different is our why and our who

Jonathan E. Trueman & Bethan G. Trueman | Entrepreneurs of The Year | MTM Awards | Trueman Enterprise Group

How it started.

I’ve always been a multi-passionate. As a child, I loved dancing, designing, writing, and in my teens, I developed a passion for property.

After years of trying to somehow fit all of these things together, I figured that I wasn’t destined to fit into a conventional career box, so I embraced my multi-passionate nature and quit a corporate 9-5 to do meaningful work as a business owner.

Fun fact:

I dropped out of university. Three times. To many I was a flake, but in reality I was figuring out my purpose and what the heck it was I really wanted from life. I did eventually return to study Business Management, but to be totally honest – I learned more in a few months of self education than I did in years of combined formal study.


Having trained as a dancer, I worked as a freelance dance teacher and dance practitioner for circa 10 years alongside other positions including estate agency and event management.

When I met my now-husband, I was so inspired that I not only fell in love with him but also with business.

I still teach and dance from time-to-time, but you’ll mainly find me attempting dances over on Tik Tok!

Bethan Trueman | Dancer-Turned-Entrepreneur
Bethan Trueman | TEG

Outsourced design & digital marketing from a family-run business

I’m one half of TEG Virtual, a VA solutions company specialising in design and digital marketing. The better half is my incredible husband, who inspired me to get into business.

Family values are at the core of what we do. We care a lot about the brands we work with. To see you flourish and grow is so rewarding – it’s why we do what we do!

We specialise in virtual solutions, social media, web design, graphic design, digital marketing and printing. Find out more by visiting TEG Virtual.



With a passion for property from an early age, estate agency experience and bucket loads of ambition, it was inevitable I would develop the bug for property!

Find out more about our strategies and joint venture opportunities by visiting Trueman Real Estate.

Trueman Real Estate | Property Investors

That's enough about me

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5 things I'm known for...

My work ethic. I’m a workaholic and my businesses are my hobbies.

Being a virtual Mary Poppins to my clients. I’m their content creative, forward-thinker, and solution-finder.

My love of coffee, period properties and all things gold.

Being different. I’m not your average virtual assistant. I’ve spent the last few years getting real experience in business, learning from mentors, self-educating, and figuring things out along the way.

My obsession with self education and personal development. When I’m not working, I’m listening to audios and watching videos from entrepreneurs and professionals I look up to. Each day I’m learning, growing and improving. ​​