Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur? Thoughts on making it work

1st May 2020

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur? Thoughts on making it work

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Yes, dare I say it, I’m multi-passionate. I always have been. For as long as I can remember, I was dressing up in a tutu and dancing around the house. When I wasn’t spending my childhood time dancing, I was at the family computer typing up stories, and as digital technology progressed, I became interested in designing digital content. My two favourite subjects at school were dance and media studies, and once I became an adult I soon realised that I didn’t fit into a conventional career box. I went a long time of trying out different jobs, all whilst working as a freelance dance teacher and choreographer on the side.

When I was fortunate enough to meet my dear husband, he encouraged me to turn my passion for dance into a business, and since starting my business in 2016 I’ve figured out how to combine all of my passions.

Although, of course you do not need to monetise your hobbies (and in some cases you shouldn’t), but I’m sure glad I did. So for those of you wondering “how the frick am I going to figure this multi-passionate thing out without looking confused” – take a look at my thoughts to help you get started on your journey and hopefully feel a little less confused!

#1 Connect don’t confuse

Personally I don’t think you need to only create and share content around one specific niche. Whilst having a niche is most definitely important in providing clarity for your business and audience, it does not mean that you can’t share your other passions on your blog or social media, for example.

Having said that, I do think it’s important to be clear about what services you’re offering and what value you can bring to your audience and potential clients. But if you have a hobby (or even a side hustle) that you’re really passionate about and can’t resist posting about it on your socials, go ahead! It’s part of who you are and what makes you ‘you’. It also gives your audience an opportunity to get to know the person behind the business, and people love that.

So use it as an opportunity to connect with your audience or show people your ‘why’. People buy into stories, so there is definitely space to reveal your other hobbies and passions. So long as you’re not causing confusion surrounding your services or business, you’re all good.

Be clear on your service offerings as a business, your branding, and when you do share content relating to other topics, provide some context as to why you’re posting what you are.

#2 Remember that there are many successful entrepreneurs who are multi-passionate (and good at it!)

Marie Forleo, Rihanna, James Franco, heck, even Beyonce! There are many seriously successful multi-passionate entrepreneurs who are undoubtedly good at what they do, in many different areas. Yes, there will be people who advise you to only focus on one thing, but as long as you’re doing each thing well and aren’t out of your depth, then keep going for it ‘sis.

Of course, your ventures need to be worth your time and efforts, so try to be realistic. When you’re the multi-passionate type, it can be easy to get carried away with ideas (I know, I’ve been there!). So keep your business head on when pursuing your passions, and remember that consistency is key.

#3 Embrace your individuality and multi-skillset

Be so clear in what you do that when someone asks you, you can answer them confidently and be proud of it. If you do more than one thing, great! Own it and be bold about it. Don’t shy away from the many things you do, just make it clear to people in a way that’s understandable and relatable.

And if you’re still on your journey to figuring all your multi-passions out, be clear about that too! So what if they don’t agree or think you do ‘too much’. Remember you don’t need to concern yourself with what other people think about you. Usually multi-passionate people have many different skills to offer, and that’s a great thing! So own it, be proud of it, and enjoy your journey. Remember, you don’t need to fit into the typical corporate box, it’s not for everyone.

#4 Go with what works

Let’s say you’re doing three things at once. You’ve got a combination of different businesses or side hustles on the go and you’re managing your time well between all of them. One of them is doing great and the demand for your services is growing each week. One of them is doing ok, you’re making profit (which is great in itself) and you’re enjoying it. One of them isn’t making much money, but you enjoy it all the same.

What do you do? Do you perhaps keep the third option as a hobby rather than a business, and put your efforts into the breadwinner so that you can grow and develop the business further? This is where your business head has to come in!

If this sounds like you, weigh up your options, and go with what’s working.

Here’s a little story…

I got into design and digital marketing when I met my husband who already had his business (True Design & Print) at the time. I’d always enjoyed doing these things as a hobby, but I’d never considered doing it for work. Of course things naturally progressed, but clients started coming to me for other services, such as social media management and written content for their websites and blogs. So I went with the flow, and BAM – a few years later – Commercium Solutions was born.

A few years ago I’d never have imagined I’d be managing a portfolio of client social media accounts, but the opportunities just fell into my lap and you know what? I love it!

If you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur you might experience a lot of trial and error. I’d say just go with what works, and most importantly, what you enjoy!

#5 Start with one thing

It’s not practical or realistic to go ‘all-in’ with everything at the same time. If you’re starting a business or working on an idea, try to stick to one thing for now, focus on building it up and establishing yourself in your industry space.

Once you’re established and things are steady, then why not try out a new idea. But rather than being flaky, it’s sometimes better to focus your energy on one endeavour and master it (as best as possible!) before moving onto the next one.

I hope you found this helpful. This is a topic that I can personally relate to, and believe me when I say it took a while to figure things out! So I hope that you can learn to love your journey, embrace your multi-passionate personality and embrace who you are, just like I did. 🤎

Let me know your thoughts, and if you need anything, reach out! 🙋‍♀️

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