New Facebook Feature: Archive Old Photos

3rd June 2020

New Facebook Feature: Archive Old Photos

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A ‘hooray’ moment for many Facebook fans – users of the popular social networking platform can now archive their old posts with ease, instead of having to scroll back through their timeline to remove things one by one.

Facebook has just announced a new feature, ‘Manage Activity’, that lets you archive or delete posts in bulk.

Archive vs Delete – what’s the difference?

If you mass delete a bunch of posts, they’ll be gone forever. Whereas if you archive posts, you’ll still have access to them should you want to, but they will be hidden from everyone else.

Keeping with the times

In a recent blog post, Facebook explained:

“Whether you’re entering the job market after college or moving on from an old relationship, we know things change in people’s lives, and we want to make it easy for you to curate your presence on Facebook to more accurately reflect who you are today.”

It seems that Facebook have recognised the many reasons that people might want to bulk delete or archive their past posts – personal growth, changing niche, starting a business or new job, and changing industry, to name a few.

“That’s why we’re launching Manage Activity to help you archive or trash old posts, all in one place.” – YAY!

How does it work?

The new feature allows users to filter posts by person and date range.

Introducing Manage Activity‘. Image credit: Facebook

When can I use it?

At the time of publishing this article, Facebook has started rolling out the feature on the the flagship mobile app. It will apparently be rolled out to the web app and Lite mobile app in the future.


With Instagram already having an archive feature (which I love!), it was about time Facebook introduced a similar offering. In the days of entrepreneurship and personal growth becoming increasingly booming, I think it’s a feature that will be utilised by many.

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