Tips For Managing Workload

19th December 2020

Tips For Managing Workload

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Tips for Managing Workload

Life can be pretty manic sometimes, can’t it? Especially when you’re a small business owner, with multiple passions and a parent too! When your task list is growing and time is limited, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

Here are some tips for managing your workload as a business owner and multi-passionate.

Prioritise your task list.

Start with your least desirable, but most important task first.

Outsource, outsource, outsource!

Your time is valuable, your biggest asset. You don’t have to juggle everything on your own. Outsource the things you don’t need to be doing to free up more time and focus on what’s important.

As business owners, we wear many hats. Things such as accounting, bookeeping, maintenance, management, admin, cleaning and housekeeping can all be outsourced.

Whether you outsource your business or personal tasks (for me it’s both), you’ll soon feel the benefits of doing so.

Use software that supports and automates your business processes.

There are some fantastic automation options these days. With a heap of software available, you may initially take time in the beginning to get things set up, but it will soon pay you back in the time you’ll save!

Don't stop doing personal development.

Personal development is fantastic for growth, both as an individual in general and as a business owner. There is always room for improvement and growth, and personal development certainly helps with that. By investing your time into self development regularly, you will keep your mindset in check, stay motivated to be proactive, and moving forward towards your goals.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This may not be such an obvious tip for managing your workload, but your diet does play a huge role in your energy levels, sleep, and overall mood. These are all factors that can have an effect on our mindset, which can in turn affect our motivation to work and be proactive. Fuel yourself with healthy, balanced foods and drink, and seek advice from a registered and qualified nutritionist if needed!


I hope these tips help. What other things or non-negotiables do you do in your business and personal life to stay motivated and manage your workload? Let me know in the comments!

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