Why Entrepreneurship Is Not For Everyone

Entrepreneurs don’t do it for the money. Here’s why entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone…

If entrepreneurship is for you, it can be one of the most rewarding things you will do.

But it’s not all glam. There is a lot of stress involved, late nights, early mornings, self-doubt, headaches, twists, turns, pivoting, problems to solve. There will be times you just want a break, yet duties call.

I was recently reflecting back on 2021 and realised that…

…on Valentine’s Day, 2021:

I was up at 5 am for a 3-hour drive to do a site visit at one of our BTL properties (BRRR), only to discover the tradesperson was a rogue and had left us thousands of £s out of pocket. Hardly the most romantic of days!

…on Mother’s Day, 2021:

I was up at 5 am for another 3-hour drive to meet a new contractor for a quote to fix the works that the rogue had butchered. No Mother’s Day lay in for me, breakfast in bed, or any other special treatment.

There were many more days like this throughout last year when I wanted to be doing other things, but business is business, and business needed me.

But of course, the rewards far outweigh the cons, otherwise, we wouldn’t do it! ?

Entrepreneurs most definitely do NOT do it for the money. We all have a WHY. What’s your why?

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