Tips For Waking Up Early

14th April 2020

Tips For Waking Up Early

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So, why am I sharing waking up early tips?

Last year I changed my ‘home office hours’ and set a goal to be up and at my desk by 7:00am every morning. I did that for the whole of 2019 and it really did make such a difference to my day. Recently, I’ve changed that time to 5:00am, so I’m up around 4:45am and ready to go by 5:00am. I’ve only been doing this for a few weeks but it has already been a game changer and is something that I will continue to do going forward. In fact, I haven’t tried yet, but I think I would struggle to sleep in any later now.

When we wake up early, we not only allow ourselves more time to get things done, but we are generally more productive at that time of the day. It makes us feel great too, rather than having that feeling of being (dare I say it) – lazy.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or just generally someone who is going for gold this year and wanting to improve themselves, I’d highly recommend waking up earlier every day. Believe me, once you get into the habit, it’s really not that difficult and in fact it is now something that I always look forward to because I’m excited to get up and get lots done before the sun rises.

If you need a little encouragement, here are some waking up early tips to help you out.

Tip #1 Get enough sleep

Once you get into the habit of getting up earlier, you’ll gradually find it easier to go to bed earlier, but in the first week or so you might need some help adjusting. Listen to your body and determine how much sleep you need so that you know what time you need to be in bed by. Even if you’re struggling to drift off to sleep straight away, at least establish a good bedtime routine and be in bed earlier winding down. Avoid checking social media, read, use breathing techniques, anything that helps you to wind down and relax.

Tip #2 Determine your morning schedule before you go to bed

Every night, I know exactly what I’m going to do the next morning when I wake up. It’s a lot easier to wake up early if we know exactly what it is that we’re waking up early for. Waking up early gives you extra time for yourself, so make your morning routine exciting by scheduling in things that you love and enjoy. Things that you want to get up for. This will help you to get up early because you’ll genuinely want to get up and do those things.

Tip #3 Use an alarm system that works for you

Now I’m not personally someone who continuously presses snooze to get a few extra zzz’s in (I used to be, BTW!). But if you dread the sound of your alarm or find that the snooze button is too tempting, you might want to look at other options. There are some really great alarm systems out there which encourage you to get out of bed, so if you’re someone who needs the extra help, it might be worth investing in a new alarm clock or just putting your alarm clock far away from you so that you have to get out of bed to switch it off.

Tip #4 Make appointments with yourself

…and stick to them! Whatever time is early for you, make an appointment with yourself and commit to it just like you would a shift, job interview, dentist appointment. The way you perceive your morning schedule will determine how committed you actually are to it. Make sure you show up for yourself and don’t go AWOL.

Tip #5 Make it a habit

You might already know that I’m a believer in habitual changes. If we want to make changes and improvements to ourselves, we first need to address our habits. Even if you struggle with waking up early at first, try to power on through and believe that it gets easier, because trust me, it does! We’re very adaptable and as we start to wake up at our new early time, our body will get used to that so it will gradually become much easier. You’ll find that you will naturally start to wake up earlier if you commit to making it a habit.

I hope this helps inspire you to wake up earlier, have some you time and just learn to love the mornings! If you’ve got some tips of your own that you think others may find helpful, please leave them in the comments below so that we can inspire eachother 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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